My Sustainable Journey…. SWATCHES!

Okay, here are the swatches… as promised many moons ago:
Behold the golden goodness that is TART Glam Gams!
When I tell you that you can put this lovely gel based gold ANYWHERE… believe it! It goes on like a solid golden swath:
But it blends out beautifully, giving the skin a subtle shimmer. And it’s NOT greasy (like bronzing oils) so it won’t stain clothing.
Next, the EDUN pallette for Sephora:
Little dust bag actually ATTRACTS dust… boooo. But that’s the least of its problems.
Nice packaging, right? Wait… it gets better:
Super cute! Six eyeshadows and a blush. All looking lovely and colorful and fabulous…
Ugh. Seriously, that’s the best they could do. Pass. It’s pretty to look at, but it is hardly functional. Such a waste of pretty packaging… and money.
They need to take note from TARTE:
Love this plum eye pencil! It’s warmer than conventional purples (which tend to go blue) and is waterproof. It’s worth getting a backup on this one.
Those are my swatches! More to come from the IMATS 2010 haul…

The Wrapup

So, I park… get in line… get out of line… park AGAIN… experience IMATS…

3 hours later I emerge exhausted but victorious! I got just about everything I wanted. I resisted the massive spectacle that was the MAC display, despite the gaggle of gorgeous new glitters! Eh…I can get them later at the Pro store. My goal was to get things ‘cheaper’ that are not readily available at this time.

I really really wanted a glittery diamond lipgloss from MUFE, but when I tell you that the line was THE LENGTH OF THE CONVENTION CENTER… omg. I was in line for about 10 mintues before I decided that I was too grown to be waiting for a freakin’ hour for some lipgloss. Again… I’ll get it later. I’m sure Nigel’s will have it soon enough.


I get back to the mall only to realize that I DON’T REMEMBER WHERE I PARKED MY CAR! Seriously! I wandered around for 20 minutes before going to the parking office for help. But all the attendants were tied up with fender benders around the parking lot (I WANT YOU MUA’S TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE) because 1) Many of the IMATS attendees were from all over the world and 2) Most of ’em weren’t so handy behind the wheel. 27 minutes later, an attendee comes to my rescue. Why did he find my car right at the foot of the main escalator? So ridiculous. I must have walked by it a million times!

I’d pre paid for my parking ticket, but because I spent so much time LOOKING for my freakin’ car, the meter had continued to run! The parking folks waived the 4.50 cents that I might have paid extra… if not for their sympathy.

I hauled out of Pasadena happy, but exhausted. IMATS was worth the wait, and every penny. I can’t wait for next year!

Swatches to come… yes, really. Hush! I know I still owe swatches from last time. I had to get a new camera. Long story.

IMATS: The Spectacle

The makeup artists behind these looks are NOT to be trifled with!
When I tell you they were CLOCKING IN on these makeup creations…

IMATS: The People

The IMATS attendees deserve their own post. THERE WERE 4,000 artists and what not at this event! You saw the line… you KNOW that I’m not exaggerating! And even when I came back out of the event to move my car, the line was STILL GROWING!
Look at this madness:
Those final pictures were at Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Girls were GAGA over those world-famous  lip tars! They were selling ’em for 10 bucks a piece… girls were handing over $100 bills!!!
NSFW (the blood red one) sold out first. That’s not a surprise… it’s STUNNING. Swatches later…yes, of course I got one!
The ladies at OCC tell me that they filled the NSFW bin three times before every lip tar was finally gone.

IMATS: 2010

IMATS = International Makeup Artists Trade Show.
Okay, I’m going to make you walk with me through this journey… because it’s an interesting one.

Out of bed by 7:00am… at the Pasadena Convention Center by 8:30am.

Parking at the convention center is SOLD OUT. The show started at 8:30. WTH?

I park at a meter (only good for an hour) with plans to get in line and get my wristband for my prepaid ticket (purchased in February). This is the line:

No, seriously…
What the… are they for real…?
The entire wait took 45 minutes. Did I mention that I only had an HOUR on the parking meter???? So, after grabbing my wristband…
… run back out to the car and move it into the mall parking structure across the street! I am so happy to find a parking space (after searching for half an hour) that I neglect to note WHERE I parked. This is important … you’ll see why later. Clutching my parking ticket, purse, and camera… I run back to the Convention Center, secretly hoping all the things I want will still be there when I get in!
Next post:
My IMATS Experience
(in pictures)

Pool Party @ The Palazzo!

Pool Party/Fashion Show

Venue: Palazzo West LA
Designer: Pamela G
Provisional Clothing: EM & Co.
Makeup: Shahada Karim

This is what ‘neon orange lips’ looks like in motion…
Only the host (Monique Stateena of ANTM fame) was exempt.