What a brow!

My talented (flightly) eyebrow technician appears to have permanently flown the coop. It’s always the way… I find a person with the talent and technique to truly transform these dashmarks into beautiful arches, and POOF! They’re gone just as I’m settling in to get comfortable. I hear there’s a boy involved in this latest disappearance. Well, I hope she’s happy.

I’d been hunting for a replacement (NO to threading and HELL NO to Anastasia’s 75.00 offer), when the latest sephora catalog came in the mail:

Notice anything? Look at those brows! Each model is featuring a bushy set of dash marks… that seem to have gone ungroomed by the artist or the model herself. I’m not sure how I feel about it though. They look unkempt… and after decades of tweezed/waxed/penciled brows… this is a bit of a change. I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

On the up side, I may be able to go a little longer before settling on a new eyebrow person. Or (Heaven Forbid) before I decide to pick up my own tweezers and figure it out. At least now I can claim to be ‘fashionable’ regarding my current Frida Khalo look.

2 Replies to “What a brow!”

  1. Hey, Sha!I love your blog :-)I am currently sportin a fuller brow ( which for me isn't all that full due to genetics) but I love the low maintenance brow AND in style of it all…Have you should considered a lil' old YouTube channel. Just a thought

  2. Girl, there is no time for youtube! I do have ONE video on the channel (youtube.com/shahadakarim), but that's it. Hubby is SUPPOSED to be editing my new one so I can upload it.

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