My Sustainable Journey…

Take it from an old(ish) pro…
When it comes to makeup, organic and/or sustainable rarely – if ever – equals performance. Thin formulas, unreliable pigmentaton and staying power… you name the problem, and I’ll match it to a natural, organic, or earth-friendly makeup item.

But I hear that times are changing. Josie Maran certainly has a fan in me, with her line of orgranic high-performance eyeshadows. The latest brand to join the cause is EDUN, which is already known for its line of clothing and signage. The company, started by Bono and Ali Hewson, donates a portion of all proceeds to help build Africa as a viable source of production for fashion. Now, a series of makeup pallettes, made specially for Sephora, have hit the market.

This is the one that I bought. There’s also one filled with golds and neutrals. It’s small(ish), but not as teeny as the Josie Maran version. It contains six shadows and a blush. Swatches to come… but I can already tell you that this is a fail out of the gate. The pigmentation is hit and miss, and there’s major fallout. And a bit too much ‘sheen’ on the finish of the shadows and blush for my liking. It’s Sephora brand quality, which is NOT a good thing. They’ve yet to make an eyeshadow that performs better than the cheapest, lowest quality, drugstore brand.
Moving on…
Back to Josie Maran (always back to Josie Maran), I finally broke down and got the Argan Oil. Everyone is marketing it as the new ‘hot’ emollient for everything (despite the fact that it’s been around since before time was time). I’ve never purchased a ‘pure’ version before now. Kind of smells like coconut. Nice absorption. Does well in my hair… but so do a whole lot of other (cheaper) oils. At $45 for 1.7oz, this isn’t a purchase to take lightly.
Tarte stays under the radar as a sustainable makeup line, but they’ve been doing it since before it became popular to do so. I may be late to the party, but I’m just discovering these lovely ‘bronzing leg sticks.’ Forget about just the legs… I plan to use this everywhere. I like it better than bronzing oils, because it doesn’t disappear in the oil or on the skin. It’s a gel formula that blends well alone, or can be thinned out with oil or lotion or cream. It also goes on more gold than bronze, which I like because it can be used on fairer skin tones without making the subject look ‘burnt.’ I really like it.
I’ve got a summer style fashion shoot coming up next weekend, and plan to make good use of it then.
Swatches on all to come…

What a brow!

My talented (flightly) eyebrow technician appears to have permanently flown the coop. It’s always the way… I find a person with the talent and technique to truly transform these dashmarks into beautiful arches, and POOF! They’re gone just as I’m settling in to get comfortable. I hear there’s a boy involved in this latest disappearance. Well, I hope she’s happy.

I’d been hunting for a replacement (NO to threading and HELL NO to Anastasia’s 75.00 offer), when the latest sephora catalog came in the mail:

Notice anything? Look at those brows! Each model is featuring a bushy set of dash marks… that seem to have gone ungroomed by the artist or the model herself. I’m not sure how I feel about it though. They look unkempt… and after decades of tweezed/waxed/penciled brows… this is a bit of a change. I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

On the up side, I may be able to go a little longer before settling on a new eyebrow person. Or (Heaven Forbid) before I decide to pick up my own tweezers and figure it out. At least now I can claim to be ‘fashionable’ regarding my current Frida Khalo look.