Fashion Shoot on Melrose

The casting came with a warning: THIS IS A FASHION SHOOT, NOT A GLAMOUR SHOOT. In other words, please don’t hop in my chair telling me that you want to look ‘sweet’ and like you’re ‘not wearing any makeup.’ Please don’t crack open the latest edition of InStyle magazine, find a photo of a celebrity that shares none of your features, and ask me to make you look like her. And PLEASE don’t tell me that you really don’t like other people touching your face, so can you do your own makeup…?

Like the warning on the average blowdryer that asks that you  not use it while you’re TAKING A BATH… disclaimers exist because someone apparently thought it was a good idea to do what most ‘reasonable’ human beings would find questionable. Yes, models have done it before. Yes, they continue to do it. I have no idea why.

I was able to dodge such types, although they did show up to this shoot. I overheard one model instructing another MUA about what colors to use on her…

Fortunately, I ended up with an adventurous spitfire who was game for anything. We opted for an 80’s look… inspired by the Shu Uemura Spring campaign:

And another look, described as ‘Marla Singer meets Dita Von Teese’:

These were taken with my awful little camera. The professional results will  look MUCH better, I’m sure. This model and I worked very hard together, to get the best possible results for the photographer. I think we did well. The final pictures will tell the tale.

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