Who Knew?

A recent trip to Sephora netted the most awesome discovery:

I’ve been past this display 100 times… never stopped… never cared enough to. I know the backstory and the (insufficient) advertising behind this product. But it’s never been enough to compel me to even care. There are some merits to boredom. Had I even been a ‘little’ focused that night, I would have never paused in front of the display.
What attracted me was the SIZE of the eyeshadows… they’re huge! And then the formula… just silky and pigmented and to die for. Who knew? I need the folks behind this brand to do better. Because really, the items are a treasure. They’re well made, and well packaged, and deserve more than the shoddy little corner set up at Sephora… cast aside like some forgotten child. I know that brands are pushed in order of popularity and selling power. But this is just sad.
I got four shadows. They’re not cheap (which further puzzles me regarding the true lack of advertising for this brand), but they’re worth every penny.
Swatches to come… as soon as my camera battery charges.

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