From the beginning, my mission at THE MAKEUP SHOW was clear: MAKEUP FOR EVER Aqua Creams and Hakuhodo brushes. As you can see, I didn’t forget…
9 creams, all of which are DIVINE and all of which I wanted, save one:

This is #3. What I asked for is #13, which is a brown based red. Human error, I suppose. I was NOT happy initially, but I’ve since gotten over it. The red is amazing as a lipstick (you can use these anywhere) than anything else. But I’ll have to wait until June (pending some other miracle) to get it. Once more… BOOOOOOO!!!!! Okay, I’m over it. I’ll use the silver much like I would use Illamasqua’s Phenomena (which I can’t get anyway… due to the fact that it’s always sold out AAAANNNND it’s only available in the UK). I can make the best of this; I can.
Moving on…
I’d initially seen this Transforming Gel at It cost a bit much, plus shipping. So I put it on hold. A little bit of research revealed that the company is LOCAL and that it’s available at several beauty supply stores that I frequent. No one had it in stock, so it’s been on hold until today. The minute I saw the company display, I ran to snap one up. $13 (show price). Not too shabby. 
Its purpose is to transform any powder into a gel form, and is safe enough to use around the eyes. Not like MAC’s Mix Medium, which can be used everywhere but the face. They offer a separate version for around the eyes, but who has time (or extra money) for all that? Better to use just one for everything.
These blotting powders ALSO deposit bronzer when you use them. And the blush paper removes oil and deposits a gentle flush of color. I used them… AND THEY WORK. Really lovely. The ladies behind this brand are just delightful. I bought these two for personal use. I’ve got terribly oily skin, so this ‘double duty’ version of blotting paper works for me.
These seem like a good idea on paper: put under the eye while doing makeup and they’ll catch the ‘fallout’ from eyeshadow and the like. The adhesive is allegedly hospital grade, and won’t remove foundation when you take them off. They were marked down to nearly nothing, so I won’t feel bad if they don’t work. I did hear a couple of artists lamenting their impractical nature (AFTER my purchase, of course). We’ll see how they work. If they don’t, they’ll do nicely as band-aids.

YAYYYY!!! The crown jewels of my haul. LOVE every single brush. I took a lot of time choosing them; Marty was EXTRA patient with me, and I truly appreciate it. I got three shadow brushes of different sizes, a flat smudge brush that I’ve never seen before, and eyelash comb, the most luxurious highlighter/smudging brush I’ve ever seen, a massive angled powder brush, and the goat’s hair buffing brush for foundation. Add that to the G257 … and that makes nine. That’s all my budget will allow at this point. lol . I’ll do more damage at IMATS, I’m sure.

Korres is now offering a professional discount! Well, Fred Segal is, and Korres is among the brands you can get at a discount (provided you have the proper credentials). I decided to give the Pomegranate wipes a try, and I just got the gift set for the lip butter. It’s sold out company wide, and I decided that such a thing was unacceptable. Turns out, it’s TINTED. Love… LOVE! Really lovely product. We’ll see how effective the wipes are. I’m partial to MAC but if these work, all the better.

I’m not entirely convinced that these will work. They’re from a parent company whose name escapes me at the moment. But I’m interested in concentrated versions of ANYTHING… so Vitamin C seems as good an idea as any. I don’t suffer from wrinkles (yet), but I do battle hyperpigmentation. It would be nice to try something other than the standard (hydroquinone, which I won’t touch… or licorice root, which I’ve been known to try in moderation). I’ll start treatments tonight and see where they take me. I understand that this product is very expensive retail (I got it at a show discount), so hopefully the results will justify the retail price.

That’s my haul! Swatches and performance reviews to come…

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