Phenomena Swatches

One swipe: solid silver
Blended in.
I took them with my blackberry… forgive the quality. But one swipe is solid silver color. It blends very easily, and will also crease. Blended in, it gives the skin a deep shimmer.

Fashion Shoot on Melrose

The casting came with a warning: THIS IS A FASHION SHOOT, NOT A GLAMOUR SHOOT. In other words, please don’t hop in my chair telling me that you want to look ‘sweet’ and like you’re ‘not wearing any makeup.’ Please don’t crack open the latest edition of InStyle magazine, find a photo of a celebrity that shares none of your features, and ask me to make you look like her. And PLEASE don’t tell me that you really don’t like other people touching your face, so can you do your own makeup…?

Like the warning on the average blowdryer that asks that you  not use it while you’re TAKING A BATH… disclaimers exist because someone apparently thought it was a good idea to do what most ‘reasonable’ human beings would find questionable. Yes, models have done it before. Yes, they continue to do it. I have no idea why.

I was able to dodge such types, although they did show up to this shoot. I overheard one model instructing another MUA about what colors to use on her…

Fortunately, I ended up with an adventurous spitfire who was game for anything. We opted for an 80’s look… inspired by the Shu Uemura Spring campaign:

And another look, described as ‘Marla Singer meets Dita Von Teese’:

These were taken with my awful little camera. The professional results will  look MUCH better, I’m sure. This model and I worked very hard together, to get the best possible results for the photographer. I think we did well. The final pictures will tell the tale.

More Creamy Goodness…!

More MAKEUP FOR EVER Aqua Creams. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these! I used them recently for a fashion show…

The designer asked for ‘Blade Runner meets Debutante.’ So this is what I did for her. A series of creams smudged pretty much all over the face. Darker colors for the eyes, an iridescent peach for the cheeks, and a pinky nude (with a sheer gloss) for the lips. She seemed happy, so I imagine the look was a success. Aqua Creams work better with fingers, in my opinion. Easier to manipulate all over the face. Keep plenty of sanitizing gel on hand!
Here are swaths of my latest additions:

#9 (Salmon Pink)
#13 (Iridescent Peach)
#5 (Iridescent Pink)
#4 (Blue Based White)

#21 (Iridescent Teal)
#17 (Iridescent Violet)
#28 (Matte Fuschia)

I can’t get enough of these creams. I hope they catch on. Right now, I feel like they’re leading the way in cream colors. Here’s to lots of Creamy Goodness!

Going Backstage with Christian Dior

I stumbled upon this little gem quite by accident; I was on my way for a lesson in retinol (long story) and got distracted by the shiny gold box…
I hate when I feel like I’m the last to know.

I get to googling and find out that CHRISTIAN DIOR EYE SHOW has been around for a bit. This color (undressed beige) is DIVINE. The liquid shimmer is waterproof and creaseless, and apparently meant as a shadow base. But, as you can see, it also works quite well on its own.
Perfect for a ‘naked’ look on just about any skin tone. The shimmer is sheer, so it adapts to you. And unlike the typical cream color pots, this one is pretty large. Just a little swipe goes a long way. 
I’m impressed.
I’d go backstage with Christian Dior anytime…

Josie Maran Swatches

From left:

Smoke (Dark Ash Brown)
Bali (Iridescent Teal)
Chianti (Dark Reddish Brown Shimmer)
Pewter (Dark Metallic Grey)

These are the best colors in my opinion. I really like smoke… the ash factor makes for a lovely effect with a smoky eye.

Who Knew?

A recent trip to Sephora netted the most awesome discovery:

I’ve been past this display 100 times… never stopped… never cared enough to. I know the backstory and the (insufficient) advertising behind this product. But it’s never been enough to compel me to even care. There are some merits to boredom. Had I even been a ‘little’ focused that night, I would have never paused in front of the display.
What attracted me was the SIZE of the eyeshadows… they’re huge! And then the formula… just silky and pigmented and to die for. Who knew? I need the folks behind this brand to do better. Because really, the items are a treasure. They’re well made, and well packaged, and deserve more than the shoddy little corner set up at Sephora… cast aside like some forgotten child. I know that brands are pushed in order of popularity and selling power. But this is just sad.
I got four shadows. They’re not cheap (which further puzzles me regarding the true lack of advertising for this brand), but they’re worth every penny.
Swatches to come… as soon as my camera battery charges.

Designing Women

I’ve been asked to do makeup for the debut of a store collection for this designer:

Angela Dean has apparently been doing this for a very long time (I just read her bio). I’m ashamed to say I’m just learning about her. But I’ve seen one of my girlfriends wear plenty of those dresses and jumpsuits. Shame on her for not spreading the word!
I have no idea in what capacity I’m involved, but I’d love to have a hand designing the look for the show. Either way, I’m honored to be part of the endeavor to introduce her latest pieces!


As promised, here are the swatches of the MUFE Aqua Creams that I scored at THE MAKEUP SHOW.

15 (Shimmery Taupe)
10 (Orange shot through with a gold)
1 (Dark Metallic Grey)
20 (Royal Blue)
22 (Intense Green)

18 (Shimmery Lilac)
19 (Royal Purple)
3 (Silver)
14 (Warm Golden Brown)

And my crown jewel: 8 (Red)
Note that all of these swatches are ONE SWIPE PER COLOR. These creams are beyond fabulous. You can sheer them down, or build them up. They set almost immediately, but can be moved with a little bit of lotion or cream. I use them with my fingers. I used a brush ONCE to get under the lash line. I imagine you can also use them as an eyeliner if you’re fast enough. Really, there’s no end to their versatility. I remain impressed with these.